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Acres of Diamonds in the Rough

Invitation to Help Develop, Market and Ensure the Success of Publications, Programs, and Cause-Oriented Enterprises Established To Help Individuals, Organizations, and Communities Actualize More of Their Potential
and Fulfill Their Ultimate Destiny

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This website introduces a Strategic Marketecture of several non-profit organizations, affiliated cause-oriented companies and some of 101+- publications and programs in various stages of completion.  Many of these are “works in progress” related to personal and professional growth and development, community and economic development, empowerment and revitalization, spiritual growth, and enlightenment.

Our shared vision and mission are in alignment with R. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller’s vision of “Betterment for 100% of humanity.” We’re presenting all of these resources together as Acres of Diamonds in the Rough, playing on the classic book Acres of Diamonds by Russell Conwell. Mr. Conwell told the story several thousand times and generated 7 million dollars to establish Temple University.

This page is the first public introduction to all of these publications, programs, companies and non-profit organizations as Acres of Diamonds in the Rough. If you would like to see an earlier presentation, please Click Here for an 11 page PDF. We are seeking additional partners, cofounders, revenue share participants, resource providers, sponsors and potentially future equity investors as we continue to refine and implement our strategies.

One of our priority initiatives is the establishment of a Collaborative Publishing and Marketing Company (CINBCCollaborative Infopreneurship Network Benefit Corporation) that will produce and market essential resources for the betterment of individuals, organizations, and communities. When we introduce that start-up company, we like to ask the question: “What If You Could Be a Cofounder and Part Owner of a Cause-Oriented Publishing, Training and Marketing Company Somewhat Similar to HAY HOUSE?” We then share what we see as significant similarities and enhancements our innovative adaptation of the Benefit Corporation model provides as described below.


CINBC will publish, produce, market and distribute print and digital publications as well as audio-video applications, seminars, webinars, online classes, significant events and provide membership options and affiliate income opportunities.

CINBC will also offer training sessions and other resources for writing, publishing, producing content and programs, marketing and distribution. In addition,

CINBC will make available coaching, mentoring, and consulting services and license content for use by trained facilitators (especially through an international network of local sponsor organizations).

CINBC has a lead associated 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, the University for Successful Living which will also facilitate the establishment of local Centers for Successful Living around the world and certify Successful Living Coaches and Empower Mentors.


CINBC will allocate a percentage of the co-founders’ shares to affiliated nonprofits, AND it will offer additional shares (and income generating opportunities) to cofounding individuals, organizations and companies, strategic alliance partners and joint venture partners.


HAY HOUSE will be among the hundreds (if not thousands) of individuals, nonprofits and companies we will include as Featured Resources in our programs and publications in mutually beneficial ways including being compensated through affiliate positions, etc.

Our ultimate vision includes a fully accredited international non-profit University for Successful Living with thousands of local Centers for Successful Living worldwide that help Expand the Circle of Success Education and Empowerment and generate greater individual and collective capacities for  Solving Global Social, Economic and Environmental Ultimate Success Puzzles.

Primary Publications and Programs in the Ultimate Destiny Success System™


Supplemental Publications, Programs and Resources from Ultimate Destiny


Each program in the Ultimate Destiny Success System includes: a web site, Facebook Page and Group, Pinterest board, an ebook,  print book, a CD ROM, free introductory articles, quizzes, 111 to 225 pages of self-assessments, discovery exercises, application exercises, Featured Resources, an Empowerment Journal, follow up implementation tools, free bonuses, ezines, teleseminars, evergreen webinars, live events including seminars, workshops and playshops, and access to University for Successful Living coaching and mentoring, affiliate programs, training-of-trainers certification, and priority consideration for licensing and franchising opportunities.   Every digital and print book, program, product and service provided participants in Ultimate Destinyland™  (which includes our for-profit Ultimate Destiny Network, Inc. and our affiliated non-profit Ultimate Destiny University) is designed to: (1) Provide valuable and meaningful content; (2) Develop lasting trusted relationships; and (3) Cross promote all of our other programs, products and services and those from the Strategic Marketecture™ Members including Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award recipients and the 101+ affiliate programs we feature and endorse.

Supplemental Publications, Programs and Resources from Ultimate Destinyland™ Benefit Corporation

Other Supplemental Publications and Programs from Affiliated Organizations


Primary Cause-Oriented Companies and Affiliated Non-Profit Organizations


Examples of Shared Vision Statements


Love Cooperation by Holmes - Strategic Marketecture
Dalai Lama Quote - Strategic Marketecture
Ernest Holmes Quote - Strategic Marketecture
Buckminster Fuller Quote - Strategic Marketecture

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 If you have any resonance with these concepts, with publishing, with marketing, with training, with coaching, with consulting, with speaking, with making a positive difference, with fostering personal planetary sustainability, with leaving a legacy, with what we refer to as Earth StewardHeirShip, please visit our websites or contact us at +1-928-554-5940


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